A Book

I'm 2/3rds of the way through a book. My book. I've been stuck in an unpleasant place for the last four months with little more than my laptop for entertainment (thank god for Top Gear on iTunes). So I decided to take the time to actually put one of my maddening ideas on paper.

Wife is proofreading it, I hope to finish it when I get home. Then, its off to a publisher for submission before the end of the year.

Here's hoping. I really need something other than work to make me feel like I'm making progress.

RiP Movies

I looked in on Lionhead's movie website yesterday and discovered that the online portion of the game was retired in December of 08. While I haven't made a contribution to the site since early 07, it means that the films I made are now pretty much gone forever. The files used in their creation were wiped along with almost everything else on my hard drive last year.

And so I say farewell to some of my favorite creations:

The Misunderstanding
H.A.C. (Health Autonomy Contract) pt 1-4
Mythbusters Time Paradox
Your Boner and You
One Sunrise Earlier pt 1-5

Here's to writing on Appleworks, recording and altering voices in Garageband, splitting audio in Quicktime Pro, assembling the shots, dropping in the audio, and choosing from some of the most generic music selections of all time.

Here's to being the best critic I could be to other players. Here's to all the one-line reviews I got in return.

I loved the game and worked my hardest to make my audience think or laugh, or both. I like to think that in the vast sea of music videos and chicken-choking gags, I made a few movies that might have stood out to the 30 or so people who watched them.

The car

I started this journal when I got the car. Guess what? I no longer have the car. I sold it for two basic reasons: I no longer have time to work on it, and selling lets me take a big chunk out of the education debt that I (we) have built up over the last two years.

This year is a lean year for me, I guess. I'm putting as much into my own debt relief as I can, with the hopes of having my unsecured accounts paid off by December. I'm already starting to see returns. Emergencies that I'd have previously had to put on credit I'm now able to pay for outright. I'm looking forward to having my income to myself in 2010.

Local law

Apparently at this time of year where I live, anyone can set off fireworks in the street from sundown to 10pm. I don't see anything good coming from this, but there's not much I can do about that. None of the houses have burned down since they were built, so perhaps it isn't so dangerous of a practice.

Mmm, home-ish

Its been a month, guess I should write something.

I have a new bike, a red one. Its a full blown road-bike, strictly entry level stuff. But the speed is there. That's 10lbs that I don't have to lug uphill anymore. Other than being very hard on the seat, its outstanding. On a good straight I can lay low, turn it up to highest gear and hit 20mph at 1 pedal per second. That's what I like about cycling more than any other form of exercise: speed is your reward for fitness.

The home gets slowly better. I've removed all the artifacts from the backyard and now have a completely unobstructed view of the entire field behind the house. It isn't the mountains or the ocean, but its still nice.

Soon the Mustang shall be with me. I may just sell the truck outright to be rid of it, I haven't decided. Its been mostly trouble and expense since I arrived.

I am writing to you now from inside...

...the bathtub. I have wireless. I have a laptop. Having these two things affords me a number of possibilities that are not otherwise available. For instance, I can bathe and post at the same time. If I only had wireless, I'd have to lug the computer in here. If I only had a laptop, I'd need a very long cord.

However, I've come to the understanding that certain places in which to engage in wireless is somewhat taboo. On the toilet, for instance. Your lover might be mortified to discover that you fabricated your latest sonnet while in the throes of rectal evacuation. Such a thing does not speak well of a relationship. However, some lovers might be turned on. This is perhaps a case where it is easier to ask permission than forgiveness, as opposed to the other way around.

As it slowly starts working, I find that I love my house more and more. And that I hate my truck more and more. It has a crack where a crack ought not to be. Thank Zarbot for my bicycle.


I'm in mine, after over a month. Its wonderful, I've got a sunset and everything. Lots of room, quiet neighborhood, big backyard. Water isn't on yet, though.